Pathfinder – Zeitgeist

GM : Mark Billenness
Rules: Pathfinder Adventure Path (with some restrictions on books)

A Step Away from Classic Fantasy.
In the Zeitgeist adventure path your characters serve in the Royal Homeland Constabulary of the nation of Risur, protecting the country and its citizens from foreign threats lurking within its borders. During missions of espionage and assassination, your duty will be to root out hostile spies and pursue international conspiracies. As you learn more of your homeland’s own secrets, however, your loyalties may be tested, may even be turned, and you may find that it is you whose hand controls the gears of the turning age.

While the city of Flint sits under a haze of coal soot, its streets illuminated at night by gaslight lanterns and its ferries powered by steam boilers, the majority of Risur remains at roughly a Renaissance level of technology. Soldiers carry alchemical pistols as back-up weapons, and elite fusilier units carry muskets and carbines, but aside from the occasional new rail line splitting the countryside, most citizens of Risur never see any of the new technology that is changing the world around them.

If you’re interested in playing please read the Zeitgeist Enhanced Players Guide which is available free and the houserules. The main point is that nothing Golarion specific is allowed since the campaign is not set there. Any character must be able to pass the RHC interview process, which also limits options somewhat. Please talk to me if you’re thinking about something exotic.

The campaign has been running awhile, so you should be comfortable playing a 7th level character. I expect to complete this campaign, so playing is a long term commitment, make sure you can handle that.