Star Frontiers

GM : Micheal Quigley
Rules: Star Frontiers

Best Job in the Galaxy

New and exciting opportunity to see Frontier Space, explore distant worlds as part of a fast-paced and dynamic Field Operative Team.

As a Pan-Galactic Agent you’ll ensure the highest standards of materials and services within our familiar and well established product lines; keeping these quality systems at their absolute premium. You will be working alongside intelligent indigenous life forms. Helping to develop markets and expand the Pan-Galactic brand, through educating and instructing local entrepreneurs and business leaders. Whilst simultaneously harnessing rich new supplies of raw resources to help power the next generation of Pan-Galtastic™ technologies!

You can expect to become involved in Occupational Health and Safety programs, as you enhance living standards and bring innovation to the Frontier. But most of all you’ll be making new friends and valued customers among the recently discovered indigenous cultures.

Qualifications and Experience
You’re a communicator, a team player, a skilled negotiator, and have a firm grasp of the subtleties of change management. With the ability to work within tight deadlines and under pressure. Combat Experience is advantageous as aggressive competition from rival corporations is to be expected. Experience in medicine, technical and exploration are desirable but not strictly required.

Rewards and Salary
Working for the galaxies largest and everyone’s favourite Megacorp you can expect the very best in insurance and company benefits, along with a generous salary and expenses, share options and pension package. This includes: luxury planet-side accommodation, a state of the art personal robot and an executive hovercar.

If you are looking for the adventure of a lifetime, apply now!

Pan-Galactic: “Harnessing the Frontier today for the technologies of tomorrow.”