Wirtin Unbound

GMs : Andrew Bourne and Peter Murray
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Rules: *NEW SYSTEM* developed and written by Peter Murray

What is Wirtin Unbound?
Wirtin Unbound is the name of the fantasy rules system that I have developed over too many years to mention; 1996 was the first iteration. I was frustrated with the rules systems I was trying to run as a GM, and so originally modified them until they reached the point where I had a completely new system on my hands.

The rules have gone through several major changes and are now available on DriveThru RPG in pdf and printed format: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/242551/Wirtin-Unbound

What are the rules?
For those amongst you that have played character points systems and 2d10 skill rolls (like SLA) will see similarities. Characters are developed on a points base, allocated to traits, skills and merits (flaws provide additional points for the character). The system has some archetypes, however there is freedom within the rules to create almost anything the person wishes (within limits of the world).
I have tried to develop the rules so that there is a core but allow the GM to develop matters as they see fit and make decisions in individual cases rather than generally. As a player and GM I have found these rules fare better for gaming than those that are too strict and do not allow freedom.
A quick preview of the game is available on DriveThru RPG; I will be developing more background in forthcoming updates.

There is also a Facebook page: https://fb.me/WirtinUnbound

The Game World
Along with a new rules system comes my own gaming world. The main stay of the character’s world is a place called The Kingdom. There are two other known countries; Parvon and Kharadmon and others yet to be found. The Kingdom, and the two other countries are human centric, with a small populations of part Fey (one would say elves). There are other races, known mostly through old wives tales amongst the populace. They do exist but are known to only a few and seen by fewer (Hunen [trolls,] Tuafar [dwarves], Grak [orcs] and giants). There are monsters, but these are mostly elemental constructs or live outside The Kingdom.
In The Kingdom magic is centred round the four Gods and their churches, priestly magic. There is Elemental magic, but within The Kingdom this is outlawed on penalty of death. There are other areas of the world where it is not so, and those that operate within The Kingdom have to be extremely careful.
There is a lot of interplay between the churches and state, which leads to differences of opinion. This has led previously to open warfare.
A world map and those for The Kingdom are in the rules, still trying to work out how to print larger versions from CC3.

The Kingdom
With 200 years of settled life behind them and looking forward to slow expansion of its western border into the wastes (more land and resources are required), The Kingdom sees itself facing its greatest threat since its inception nearly 1000 years ago. Greater than the near civil wars and rebellion over 600 years ago.
A major power on the continent, its northern border boundaries a great forest on the edge of the tundra, its southern border on the great desert. The great eastern cities built to take advantage of the sea trade with other countries and peoples. The Kingdom was making plans to expand its western border all the way to the Northern Teeth Mountains and further southwest into the wastes.
The year is 994: In lighting raids across its southern cities, churches have been destroyed killing hundreds if not thousands of people. But worse still is the sacking of Sanpashir, its most southerly city, with no information as to the fate of over 28,000 people. No party or country has claimed to have conducted these raids and killings, and The Kingdom is now in confusion. The King and his advisers have been caught by surprise and are now on a rush to return to the capital (Tal Quorin) from business on the most westerly city of The Kingdom.
Can you, as a priest of the Gods, a warrior of the Gods or Kingdom, or someone who’s in it for the glory (and or money) help to save The Kingdom from its direst peril. Beware though, everything is not as it seems, and darker forces are at work. There are endless possibilities in the world of Wirtin Unbound.

Lands of the Covenant [Current Game, GM Andrew]
439 AL (After Landing) 994 CY in Kingdom terms

Fleeing the persecution of the churches men and women fled the kingdom searching for a new home. Seven captains sailed Parvonese ships from Kingdom to the lands beyond the Isles. This rich fertile land where they were welcomed and made to feel at home, the Lands of the Covenant.

Over 400 years have passed since the landings at Firsthome and the descendants have flourished and prospered in these lands, however they have forgotten much of the past to the point of ignorance. Its that knowledge they are now trying to regain, for an ancient evil is waking and no one knows how to stop it. Galling to some, a small group of children just come to their majority might be the key to unlocking the past. Only time will tell, but how much of that do they have….

The Players:

Mathis – Priest of Arkadis, Blacksmith and nominal leader of group, now finds himself as the Guardian of Earth.
Jubal Casteros – The knife master of the group, he has a curious streak, so far he’s been lucky and it hasnt got him killed …. yet
Angelique Valentine – A warrior and gambler, typically at the front of all things. For reasons known only to herself, she’s hunting for a monkey…is this a key to unlocking ancient lore?
Lance Fletcher – Priest of Arkadis and bowman, however he now find himself as the Guardian of Fire.
Tarek – Coming into his powers as a Fire mage, time will tell whether he can master the most destructive of the elements
Saerish – Street Urchin, under the protection of the church, seemingly thrust into the midst of this because his superiors believe his skills will be of need to the group.

Weartin/Avenor Campaign [in hiatus, GM Peter]

Set within The Kingdom and surrounds, current year 997

The Players

Kalam – In the service of Baron Theodore Colner of Weartin, seeking fortune to look after his family and now in the favour of the King.
Jaxim – An orphan from the sacked city of Sanpashir, held a secret for many years but has now come out as a Mage to the Lord Marshal. The Cardinal of Monshasa knows and is a religious war on the horizon?
Eyyhal Mercy – Abbotess in the service of Halzeyon. Sent into The Wastes to seek aid and returned with new friends and good news.
Vardan – Agent of the Kingdom sent to The Wastes to spy on the Robber Barons, got drawn into bigger battles and joined the search for aid.
Gardan – A man out of The Wastes, from a city older than The Kingdom. Has strange forms of worship, but old knowledge that could help.
Isabella – Ranger of Halzeyon, a needed martial addition to the group but returned early to answer the call of her Mentor.
Wilfred – A young man of wealth, seeking his fortune and fame in The Wastes; as third son his future is only what he makes of it.
Nitor Campaign [not currently running, GM Peter]
Set within The Kingdom and surrounds, current year 995

Nitor Players

Karina Mercy – From an early age was drawn to the God of Death, now a senior figure in the local church of Azazimoth. Confidant to a Duke.
Eyyhal Mercy – Half Sister to Karina. Abbotess in the service of Halzeyon and recently appointed Ambassador to the Grak.
Dimitri – One-time follower and priest of Reyalis. He now follows a more difficult path to enlightenment.
Ayvahn Kheitan – Former guard member and now sergeant in the Duke’s Guard. Is well respected by those he works with but is not all he seems.
Danny – A young lad looking for adventure. Good with horses, but still green under the gills. Sometimes unsure what he’s let himself in for.
Mornos Players
Ramaan Rashman – Born in the south of The Kingdom and raised by his father to be a warrior (one that has not existed in The Kingdom for 200 years). Is not aware of the dangers he faces.
Tony Ghentt – Only son of one of the most powerful men in The Kingdom not of Royal blood. Only recently come into his inheritance and relies on his skills learnt as an orphan. Is only now learning his real inheritance.
Brandys Berg – A true priest and follower of Monshasa, he has learnt his lessons well. Follows the warrior code, but his past may not be as clear as the robes he wears.
Althar – A priest of Halzeyon, who has recently joined the others to experience that which is beyond the borders of The Kingdom. He himself is not sure of the path he walks.
John – A foppish young man from the eastern realms, looking to make his name by adventure. A younger son with no future apart from what he can carve out for himself.
Roc – A stranger to all, one of the famed Grak warriors. What is his place in this band of friends and what agenda does he work to. What secrets does his language and custom conceal.