ShadowCon XIII

August Bank Holiday (24th – 25th August 2019)

4 slots over the weekend; Saturday AM & PM, Sunday AM & PM

Each slot will be £5 which will be payable on the first day of attendance unless otherwise stated.

Pathfinder Society.We currently do not know if there will be sanctioned 2nd Edition games but we will keep you advised. 4 seats on each table will be made available on Warhorn, the remaining 2 seats will be available for attendees on the day.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Call of Cthulhu. 3 games are available; written and run by John Heatherington (2), written and run by Max Bantleman (1)

D&D 5e. Written and run by John Heatherington..

Star Wars X-Wing

Of course MMM games will be in the Main Hall with all their usual and unusual games and gaming accessories for you to peruse and buy. Click on the picture to go to their website.

Parking info is available here.