Update 1

Hi to everybody, a short update to let people know what is happening for ShadowCon XI.

•Pathfinder is confirmed for 4 tables per slot through the weekend; contact through the usual channels.
•Warhammer will be running through the weekend; 2 or 3 tables per slot is yet to be confirmed. Contact is Toby Pilling via Shadow Warriors.
•Max Bantleman will run 2 Cypher scenarios; they may be repeated during the weekend.
•John Heatherington will run both Cthulhu and D&D5th Ed; which may be repeated during the weekend.

Details of the scenarios and booking will be released in due course.

Shadow Warriors does regret that there won’t be any Wings of Glory or Star WarsX-Wing, but will support those who attend and play on either Saturday or Sunday (with the usual cover charge for slots).

We will have a large selection of board games available through the weekend which people can play for a slot cover charge. If there is a specific request we will do what we can to accommodate.

Lastly, MMM Games will be attending on the Saturday only to provide games and accessories. Should anyone want anything specific, they should contact MMM Games directly at www.mmmgames.co.uk .

Please keep an eye on the website for further updates.

ShadowCon Committee
Gerald Udowiczenko
Peter Murray
Julius Foxton