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We meet 1-7 p.m. every Saturday & Sunday (Rooms 1 or 3) at the Northfields Community Centre, Northcroft Road, Northfields, W13 9SS. Nearest tube Northfields (Piccadilly Line). Membership £6. Entrance fees £3.50 for non-member, £2.50 for members. Your first visit is free. We play campaign length games, mainly Cthulhu, D&D (3.5), 7th Sea, Adventure!, Delta Green, Exalted, SLA Industries, Star Wars, Vampire & Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP). We are open to try any old/new role-playing systems and are always looking for new players and GMs. We also play board games, some HeroClix and Crimson Skies, but no CCGs.

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